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led bottle glorifier

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One month have passed a half, all of my co-workers have got orders, our workers worked overtime around 1am to 2am in front of production line. a great numbers of orders are arranged in a long queque. but none of them is my order. up to now, I have got a lot of enquiries, but unfortunately I did not get even one small orders.
led bottle glorifier

As salesman mindset is critical, I still feel easy. cuz some clients are very kind they encouraged me that they felt sorry to my tough time, once they have orders they would give me orders. my eldest sister told me that 否极泰来 in english proverb ' After a storm comes a calm' or 'After rain comes fair weather' in french 'Que sera sera'.
I believe big orders are coming, cuz I have classified more than 1000 clients in my data, I have picked out 529 clients in our business field have been marked different colours by me. this action just like look for a pin in the ocean. However I have worked overtime for a month and I finished my classification within fortnight meanhwile sent around 100 letters every day. The next step I will keep in touch with them. 
I pray for myself, I wish my orders would be our 813F laser glorify to light up the house full of green starry atmosphere.

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