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Champagne ice bucket client from Mexico

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Jorge Marron, a young handsome boy from Mexico, own his champagne and ice brand, which interested in our champagne ice bucket and barwares,We received his email on the end of March, said he will come to visit our factory and checking ice bucket on April 6th.
silver ice bucket
On that day, he and his two brothers came.Firstly , they looked our 4L,8L,12L ice buckets and we quoted him best price of those different size champagne 、beer and ice bucket,he was so satisfied with the price and pay the deposit then and there
Secondly, we escorted them to vist our workshop, laser room, printing room etc also introduced our now mould ice bucket to them, they brought a sample to Mexico
brand ice bucket
Lastly, all of them took a photo on front of our company, attached here We believe the new mould champagne ice bucket order will come soon, all of you welcome to visit us too
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